About Freedom Marijuana Card

As a medical marijuana card recommendation service, we believe individuals should have the freedom to obtain their medical marijuana card in the State of Florida with facing any prejudice, or fear of being denied due to race, ethnicity, beliefs, or the state of their health. 

Embrace Your Freedom!

At Freedom Marijuana Card, we believe everyone should have the freedom to decide how they want to treat their health conditions. If you are considering medical marijuana as a viable option to be a part of your health care treatment plan, we are here to help and assist you every step of the way! We are here to provide patients like you a high quality office consultation and evaluation visit so you can be one step closer to obtaining your medical marijuana card. Having access to cannabis products with your newly assigned card we offer you various benefits to your health as recommended by your doctor.

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We know we are not the only referral service out there for medical marijuana cards, but what makes us unique is in our way of providing our patients with high quality health care in a judgement free zone! We encourage individuals to join our referral service program without fear of being denied for any reason. Your freedom to choose and decide how you want to treat your health condition(s) is up to you and we are here to support you in that decision!  

We Care About Our Patients

Patient care is our number one priority! We take each patient visit as an opportunity to educate them on the medical benefits marijuana has to offer. We focus on providing and keeping high standards at our evaluation facilities to ensure our patients feel comfortable and care for. We also understand that each patient has different health conditions, that is why we also provide custom recommendations and one on one consultations.  

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Qualified & Experienced Doctors

Meeting with your local doctor for a medical marijuana card recommendation is the first step in obtaining your card. At Freedom Marijuana Card, we make the process easy and hassle free. We have professional and knowledgeable health care professionals at our evaluation location(s) ready to assist you in getting you examined and certified, in addition to submitting your medical marijuana card application to the state for approval! Our on-site health care professionals are qualified and approved and ready to assist you in a judge-free, and welcoming environment.   

Access to Quality Cannabis Products

Once you have been certified to receive your medical marijuana card, you will have access to various cannabis products at local dispensaries. Having a medical marijuana card means you have the ability to buy and possess marijuana in a safe and legal manner under state law. Depending on which form of marijuana you decide to go with, such as an edible, an ointment, or strands for smoking, the health benefits vary by person and according to the health concern they are trying to treat. Medical marijuana users can expect to feel relieved and relaxed after consuming marijuana. 

Our Mission

From the beginning, we envisioned a referral service that was all inclusive and that welcomes all individuals in their pursuit for a greener health care alternative. We strive to provide existing and new patients with professional evaluation and consultation services to best advise them on the benefits medical marijuana has to offer. Our goal is to give individuals access to medical marijuana in a more inclusive and unrestricted manner so they can embrace the freedom of their health care treatment options.      

Why Freedom Marijuana Card?

We are more than just another referral service for medical marijuana cards. We are an emerging brand in the medical marijuana recommendation space that believes individuals should have access to cannabis products for medical purposes without having the fear of being judged based on their race, ethnicity, or beliefs. We cater to all individuals who qualify with qualifying conditions.      

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