Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana?

If you are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card, the first step is to meet with your doctor to determine whether you have a qualifying condition that could benefit from medical marijuana. Your office visit may require you to bring supplemental documents such as prescriptions, health records, and other information that may help your doctor evaluate your condition. It is important to note that a medical marijuana card is state-issued ID card that enables patients to purchase medical marijuana products, either through a licensed cannabis dispensary or via a medical marijuana delivery service. In most states, patients cannot enter these facilities or legally purchase or possess medical cannabis without this card. To become certified for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you must first meet the conditions required. Patients must be diagnosed with a condition that falls under the State requirements. It is illegal for any physician to approve, or certify a Florida resident, without a qualifying diagnosis.

The following diagnosed conditions qualify for medical marijuana in Florida: 



Crohn's Disease

Multiple Sclerosis



Muscle Spasms







Chemotherapy Side Effects


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Hepatitis C


Chronic Pain

Migraine Headaches

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Patient Evaluations

No matter which part, organ, or system of the body is affected, many medical conditions cause noticeable discomfort and/or pain. Chronic pain can have debilitating effects on your physical abilities, your hobbies and leisure activities, your job opportunities, your general mood and emotional state, and even your mobility. If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with the symptoms of a serious heath condition, prescription Cannabis may offer lasting relief with few to no negative side effects. Talking with your doctor is the first step to knowing which kind of cannabis product is right for you.

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